7 Essential Tips to Maximize your Galaxy’s Edge Trip - Beyond the Basics and FALSE Rumors!

1. Prioritize your choices  

I thought ahead of the opening that Smugglers Run would be the priority for most.  But this doesn’t seem to be the case, or at least it’s not the biggest bottleneck. Until Rise of the Resistance opens in a few months, by bar the most difficult activities to get into are in this order:

Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina

  1. Savi’s Workshop - Build your lightsaber.

  2. Oga’s Cantina

  3. Smuggler’s Run

    And Disney is being very aggressive at “capping” lines for the attractions.  For Savi’s Workshop specifically, Disney has experimented already with a “text to return” system, where you give them your cell number to get a return time, similar to resort check-in notices.  This has had spotty results. It seems like, as expected, Disney is using this reservation period to fine-tune many aspects of the experiences in Galaxy’s Edge.

Oga’s Cantina now has a similar “virtual queue”, so you aren’t stuck waiting in a line when you could be enjoying other things.  You still need to get there quickly to sign up, though!


So at least for now, if you want to custom build a lightsaber, that’s the first thing to hit.  Followed closely by Oga’s Cantina for a drink.

Pretty much everything else isn’t difficult to get into, including the food options like Docking Bay 7 or Ronto Roasters.

Stay tuned here as the procedures change and develop!

2.  Lightsaber options

Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt with included case

Temple Guard Lightsaber Hilt with included case

If you want an awesome lightsaber, but don’t want to take your chances on getting into Savi’s Workshop, or want just a hilt(and save a few bucks)you have another option.  In Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, you can pick up Legacy Lightsabers, that are the same quality as the ones from Savi’s Workshop, just in a standard combination. These are not controlled by a Kyber Crystal, but determine the color of the lightsaber blade from the hilt itself.  But the quality and heft are the same. They run from about $110 to $130 for the hilt, plus about $45 for a blade. There is a special Ahsoka Tana edition that is 2 separate hilts for $200.

All come in a cool carrying case(see pic).

The prices for the "legacy" lightsabers are:

Courtesy  AllEars.net

Courtesy AllEars.net

  • Temple Guard: $109.99 (Yellow Blade)

  • Obi-Wan: $109.99 (Blue Blade)

  • Luke/Rey: $109.99 (Blue Blade)

  • Luke: $129.99 (Green Blade)

  • Mace Windu: $109.99 (Violet Blade)

  • Darth Vader: $109.99 (Red Blade)

  • Darth Maul: $129.99 (Red Blade)

    • Note that that two hilts can be connected together with the included connector. $259.98 for full set.

  • Clone Wars Assajj Ventress: $129.99 (Red Blade)

    • Confirmed that two hilts can be connected together with the included connector. $259.98 for full set.

  • Kylo Ren: $149.99 (Red Blade)

    • Exhaust blades included.

  • Ahsoka Tano Set: $199.99 (White Blades)

    • Individual hilts cannot be bought separately.

  • Blade Costs:

    • 36 inch: $49.99

    • 30 inch: $44.99

    • 24 inch: $39.99

  • Sheaths: $49.99

Kyber Crystals courtesy  wdwnt.com

Kyber Crystals courtesy wdwnt.com

Related accessories prices:

  • $12.99 for Kyber Crystals (White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple)

  • $17.99 for a belt clip

  • $24.99 for a stand

  • $49.99 for the sheath (I believe this is the back we've seen before)

  • $49.99 for Holocrons (Jedi or Sith)


3. Use the app!  

You can earn “Galactic Credits” for activities in Galaxy’s Edge, like scanning crates, hacking panels, and even riding Smugglers Run!  It’s important to have bluetooth on, and the app open when you get into the ride to make sure you get the credits and achievements.

You can redeem the credits for in-app achievements, including titles, new tools for hacking, like a “skimmer”, as well as armor, or other fun in-world prizes.

This can be played while you are waiting in the queue for Smugglers Run, as a fun way to pass the time.  Check out this video from Christian Milan for all the details.

This is really adding another layer to Galaxy's Edge, that Disney really put a lot of effort into.  And this is an easy thing for them to update and add to, to keep things fresh on multiple visits.


4. Don’t believe the rumors!  

Cosplay AND Lightsabers allowed. Credit  bruinrogue

Cosplay AND Lightsabers allowed. Credit bruinrogue

Lightsabers you buy in the Galaxy’s Edge absolutely CAN be taken out for pictures.  Cast members will NOT prevent you from using them. They are TSA-compliant as well.

There was also a rumor that you could not take out the droids you made at the Droid Depot. The droids were actually made to interact with items on Batuu, so this made no sense to begin with, but lots of folks believed it. There is no issue having them out as long as you practice common sense and don’t cause a hazard to other guests.

As well, you ARE allowed to dress up with some guidelines.  You just need to conform to basic Disney rules, including no masks, and no weapons other than lightsabers you purchased in Galaxy’s Edge.  Commonly referred to as “Disney Bounding”, this is a great way to get some special interactions with the Galaxy's Edge cast members. Basically, if you won’t be mistaken for a cast member, or a character from Batuu, you are good to go!

One thing that IS true though, is that at least for now, you are NOT allowed to wear the robes or armor you buy in Galaxy’s Edge, for some reason.  This may change at some point, but for now, just keep that in mind.

5.  Feed the kids before you go!

Kids Fried Tip-Yip at Docking Bay 7,  WDW News Today

Kids Fried Tip-Yip at Docking Bay 7, WDW News Today

Note that if you have Picky Padawans, there aren’t a whole lot of great kids options.  The most familiar to little ones is likely the Fried Tip-Yip at Docking Bay 7. Basically it’s a chicken strip with some mac and cheese.  Other options are the Yobshrimp Noodle Salad( a cold shrimp salad), and the Taste of Takodana(Hummus and vegetables).

For the adult Jedi, go with Ronto Roasters.  The consensus I’ve seen is that the Ronto Wrap is universally liked, and the best option for food.  There is usually little to no wait, and all the options are good. The Braised Shaak Roast is the best option in Docking Bay 7.  


6.  Magic Shots  

Porg Magic Shot credit  Peter Henry

Porg Magic Shot credit Peter Henry

Make sure you ask for magic shots when getting your pictures from a Photopass Photographer in front of the Millenium Falcon.  There is a cute option to have a Porg added to a shot here, but you need to ask for it to be sure. There is also an option to have a Monkey Lizard (picture Salacious B. Crumb from Jabba’s Palace) in front of the First Order ship as well.


7.  Black Kyber Crystals

At Dok Ondars’s, you can buy Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow crystals.  But, there are also Black crystals in a small percentage of the Red crystal containers.  These are very cool surprises. But, there IS a trick to find one if they are available. See the video here, but basically the trick is to use your phone flashlight function to check the red containers to see if the crystal inside is black or red.  I’m betting Disney will change the containers soon, but I’m sure this trick will work for the time being.

So there you have the 7 Essential tips so far, to get the most out of your Galaxy’s Edge Trip. Let me know in the comments which of these is the most surprising or helpful!