Comprehensive Guide to the Language of Galaxy's Edge

So, in case you hadn’t heard, the language spoken by the cast members/citizens of Batuu are fully in character and may say some things that are confusing. Here’s your comprehensive guide to all the terms and terminology used at Galaxy’s Edge.



“Bright Suns” - “Good Morning”

“Rising Moons” - “Good Evening”

‘Till the Spire” or "Good Journey” - “Goodbye”

“May the Spires Keep you” - “Farewell” (more formal)

“Only the Ancients Know” - “I don’t know”

“For the Order” - Show support for the First Order

“Ignite the Spark” - Resistance Greeting

“Happy Sun Cycle” - Happy Birthday



Traveler - Guest

Refresher - Restroom

Youngling - Child

Padawan - Young force user (may need some “Disney Bounding” cosplay to hear this one

Youngling Transport - Stroller

Hydrator - Water/Drinking Fountain

Data Pad - Mobile Phone

Arubesh - Written Language of Batuu

Caf - Coffee

Credits - Money

Image Capture - Picture

Land Speeder - Wheelchair