NEW! Smugglers Run Ride-through amazing details!

Cast members have been getting sneak previews this week of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, and the reviews are leaking out online, despite a photo ban until the official media days coming shortly.

Not surprising, but still reassuring, is the flood of reviews coming out affirming that Smugglers Run lives up to the hype in a big, big way.

I get into all the details of what we know below, with a new key tidbit that I feel is a key to making this attraction appeal to all guests, not just hardcore pilots.

And check out my video to the right going over the full experience and details!


Click for a 360 Degree interactive view of the Millenium Falcon Dejarik / Chess room.

Disney knew that the wait times would be significant for this, and has gone the extra mile in the theming and detailing of the queue. There are multiple pre-show areas, including various areas of a spaceport, along with the Dejarik(Chess Board) area familiar to any fan of Star Wars.

Check out the 360 degree view of that room to the left, and leave a comment with any easter eggs you see!

A big question has been how this is different than Star Tours, as they both sound similar on the surface. Both are motion simulators, taking guests on a number of different, exciting missions.

However, there are a couple of key differences.

First, Smugglers Run is completely interactive. It’s much closer to a true flight simulator than a ride. Star Tours is exciting and fun, but is scripted, and guests are passengers only. Smugglers Run experiences completely depend on the guest. As a Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer, you will control the outcome, like a video game.

But, never fear, for those that want to just sit back and enjoy the experience, there are Autopilot buttons that will take care of things for you, if you so choose. This is a key tidbit that has come out recently.

Second, the technology is significantly more advanced. The motion of the cockpit is created using state-of-the-art hydraulics technology, and advancements from the last 20+ years since Star Tours was introduced.

Solo cockpit tech. Credit

Solo cockpit tech. Credit

The viewing experience is also completely different. Instead of 3-D glasses to simulate depth on a flat screen, the cockpit actually uses a domed screen outside the cockpit windows, giving a truer sense of immersion in the environment.

This is exactly the way the scenes in the Millenium Falcon cockpit from the movie Solo were created. Not with special effects, but a simulator very close to what you will be riding in Smugglers Run.

This promises to be a huge leap forward in technology, immersion, and interactivity for any ride at Disney or anywhere to date.

I cannot wait to get in there and give my piloting skill a go!

Let me know in the comments if you think you’ll be on autopilot, or hard-charging your way through this!