Updated Details from D23 Expo on newly named Star Wars Hotel- Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

We have gotten a ton of new information this weekend at D23 Expo about new Disney projects.


We now know the official backstory. The Starcruiser is run by the Chandrila Line, and this particular ship is named the Halcyon.  Guests will board and enjoy a 2 Day/2-Night experience aboard the ship.

We’ve had some basics of the layout of the hotel before, please see my previous post here to get those details.

But we now have a more complete picture. Let’s dive in!

The first floor has the guest entry/preshow area, “launch pod” to get to the ship, and then a number of public areas and cabins.

The second floor will have the central common area, bridge, cantina, and more cabins.

The Bridge will be a great gathering area, with characters interacting with the guests. From the concept art, looks like Chewie will be helping with the luggage. We can hope, anyway. There’s a catwalk on the 3rd level above. This should be an amazing room to really get into the Star Wars experience.


And below is a more realistic rendering of the bridge controls, this will be a childhood fantasy come true for many(including me), to be at the controls of a starship. I have a lot of confidence that Disney Imagineering will make this look and feel incredible!

And here’s a closeup of the hologram tube that’s in the common area.

There’s also information about part of the cruise involving the First Order and Kylo Ren boarding the ship. The device in the ceiling will likely play a role in some special effects like blaster fire. Also, you can get a look at more detail of the view screen on that catwalk above.


We’ve also gotten new clarification on what a couple of the rooms listed on the plans really will be.  First, the Dojo will be a Lightsaber training room, as suspected. But, we now have some concept art to add some visuals.


Disney has also clarified the Engineering room details.  Like there are on Disney Cruises, the Engineering room will be a place for the smaller kids to enjoy themselves, and maybe give the older folks a chance to get away for a nice meal, or just a break.

The Cantina also got some updated concept art. The Sabacc table looks amazing! It will be very cool to see how that’s actually implemented, but I absolutely will want to play a few hands!


For the cabins, we’ve already gotten some concept art, and the understanding that they’d be including viewscreens instead of real windows. But now we have a more detailed rendering of what the “windows” will look like.

We also can now see some renderings of the bunk bed setup, as well as the detailing on the main beds that will be in the cabins.

And, we now have a first look at what the Courtyard on the first floor. Will be nice to have some greenery.

Photos are courtesy of Disney Parks unless otherwise noted.