The 5 Most Anticipated Attractions at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Meredith Morgenstern Lopez




From younglings to Jedi Grand Masters; Clone Troopers to the First Order; Sith apprentices to Sith lords; and from Wookies to...whatever Yoda is, Star Wars fans everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the summer opening of Galaxy’s Edge, Disney’s Star Wars-themed land. With a notoriously nit-picky and obsessive fan base, Disney is banking on providing guests with unheard-of levels of immersive experiences. If you spent your childhood pretending to fly the Millenium Falcon, there’s a ride for you. If your kids play with plastic light sabers, there’s a shop for them. If your spouse has some shady business to take care of, there’s a cantina for that.

For those of us who lack the patience of a well-trained Jedi, here’s the scoop on five elements of the new Disney experience we’re looking forward to the most.

1. Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

This is not your father’s Kessel Run.

Han Solo’s iconic ship’s still got it where it counts. In one of the two big immersive rides coming to Galaxy’s Edge, six smugglers take position as pilots, gunners, or flight engineers. When the Falcon blasts off, it’s up to you to outrun the Empire’s TIE fighters, outgun enemy smugglers, keep the hunk of junk flying, and land safely at Black Spire Outpost. Make sure you mind the 200+ flashing buttons, knobs, and levers that really interact with your experience, or you’re going to have a bad feeling about this!

And keep those golden dice handy: you’ll need some luck here, as your experience on the Smuggler’s Run will follow you around Galaxy’s Edge. Now, punch it!

2. Rise of the Resistance

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

If Poe Dameron’s imprisonment by Kylo Ren in “The Force Awakens” made you think, “That looks like fun family time!” then this ride is right up your alley. Rumored to be Disney’s biggest and most immersive ride yet - at any of their parks - the attraction will feature four rides and an interactive queue. Guests will walk through a hidden rebel base that houses life-size X-Wing fighters before Rey calls them to join the resistance. None other than General Organa’s most daring pilot himself, Poe Dameron, escorts guests on their rebel transport journey before they are captured by the First Order.

Unfortunately, Rise of the Resistance is so massive that it will not be up and running as of Galaxy’s Edge opening. RotR’s official opening date is yet to be announced.

3. Savi’s Workshop - Custom Lightsabers

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

Disney wouldn’t be Disney without a mind-bending amount of merchandising. But there’s gift shops and then there’s building your own lightsaber. At Black Spire Outpost, Savi’s Workshop acts as a front for the Gatherers, a group dedicated to passing on forbidden Jedi knowledge. Out of sight from the First Order, the Gatherers will help you and your padawans choose individual kyber crystals, the basis for every lightsaber. It’s a fully immersive experience just like the rest of Galaxy’s Edge. And, it makes for a much, much cooler take-home souvenir than yet another set of mouse ears. Wuuh, wuuh, ksh ksh!

4. Oga’s Cantina

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...that’s family-friendly. Whether you’re making backroom deals with creatures who have death sentences in twelve star systems, or you just need to quench your thirst, Oga’s Cantina looks to be a new favorite spot for kids and their parents. The menu will serve up non-alcoholic beverages as well as alcoholic ones while a droid DJ spins tunes off to the side. In fact, after being taken captive by the First Order over at Rise of the Resistance, a cocktail probably sounds pretty nice. (Unfortunately, Poe Dameron will not be able to join us. He’s probably off jumping into an X-Wing and blowing something up.) So sit back, sip a frosty beverage, watch your back, and keep one hand on your trusty blaster.

5. Droid Depot

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

And what is Star Wars without its droids? The Droid Depot will feature a conveyor belt of miscellaneous mechanical parts from which guests can build their own droid: either an R series or a BB series. You can even select your droid’s personality! But these aren’t just the droids you’re looking for and then have to carry around the parks. Your new droid buddy is now set to interact with Galaxy’s Edge and even connect to your phone’s Bluetooth to play your music.   

Even casual fans of the movies will find plenty to keep them entertained here. But if you’re the type who has seen the movies more times than you can count - you know the name of every single droid in every single X-Wing, you’re on a first-name basis with every Clone Trooper, you have star maps of all the systems in a galaxy far, far away - Galaxy’s Edge will fulfill all your deepest needs with an attention to detail only Disney can provide.

Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland, California opens May 31, 2019. Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World, Florida opens August 29, 2019.


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