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credit Josh D'Amaro

credit Josh D'Amaro

I know many(including me) want to hit Galaxy’s Edge as soon as possible, but are worried about getting in, and the likely huge waits for Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance.  

There is an option to guarantee access, the Disney VIP tours. The tours guarantee quick access to the rides, free photopass, and other great perks.

Disney has just confirmed that the Disneyland VIP tours will have expedited access to Smugglers Run after June 23, and Rise of the Resistance when it opens.


This isn’t cheap(of course). But, they charge by the tour, not by the person.

So, The Vacationeer is offering a unique sharing service to match up folks across the country that want to tour, vastly reducing the cost per person.

Click to see more info at The Vacationeer

Click to see more info at The Vacationeer

Instead of paying $3000 and up(again, Disney charges by the tour, not the person), if we pull 10 folks together it comes to $42.50/hour, per person. Tours are 7 hours min(total about 300 bucks/person).

This isn’t an independent tour, it’s a great way to cost-share the official Disney offering.

Credit Disney Parks

Credit Disney Parks

It’s a great option to be able to see Galaxy’s Edge (maybe multiple rides), AND anything else in the park that day you already paid for, instead of sucking all your time in the queue(s), or not getting in at all!

There is absolutely no obligation, no cost to sign up. You have nothing to lose except your own time in the parks!

Please contact me if you are interested in more information, specific dates available, or to sign up!

I’ll be happy to match you up with other Star Wars Fans to see this amazing new experience in the best way possible!  

More info on the Disney VIP tours:

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